FDA Labeling Consultant

FDA Labeling ConsultantThe FDA set strict guidelines that need to be followed for labeling dietary supplements. The reason for this is to standardize the industry and make it easier for the end customer to understand what’s in their products. But with pages on top of pages of regulations, it can be difficult to decipher what exactly needs to be followed. That’s where an FDA labeling consultant comes into play. The FDA labeling consultants at Dietary Supplement Experts have decades of experience in dietary supplement label review.


Dietary Supplement Label Review

As your FDA labeling consultant, we will review your dietary supplement labels for full compliance. In particular, we look at:

  • Statement of identity
  • Net quantity of contents statement
  • Supplement Facts panel
  • Ingredient statement
  • Major food allergen labeling
  • Structure/function claims and disclaimer
  • Warning, caution, and notice statements
  • General formatting and layout

Once you have made the necessary changes, we will also be happy to review your changes to ensure that they were made properly.


Full compliance review: $399 USD per label

We also offer design services! Send us your label art file and we make all corrections for you and return ready to print: $200 USD per label

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FDA Labeling Consultant/Expert Witness


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