Dietary Supplement Label Review Checklist

Take the guesswork out of dietary supplement label compliance review.

Have you ever tried to create a checklist for label review? If so, you might have found that there is a significant challenge in balancing the simplicity desired for practical use and the complexity required by the regulations. Our detailed and tested checklist (actually three checklists) has been created with these aspects in mind.

Features and benefits:

  • Includes 3 checklists (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) to match your review abilities
  • Instructions for using the checklists to advance your label review skills
  • Checks ensure every label gets a complete review every time
  • Contains checks for 21 CFR 101; FALCPA; warnings, cautions and notices; serious adverse event reporting; formatting; and more
  • Created to work with nearly any label you will encounter
  • Broken down for each label panel and component
  • Downloadable and printable
  • Easy to use design (see below)

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Samples of each checklist:


Dietary Supplement Label Review Checklist - Beginner


Dietary Supplement Label Review Checklist - Intermediate


Dietary Supplement Label Review Checklist - Advanced

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