Dietary Supplement Direct Response Copywriter

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Do any of the following situations sound familiar?

  • Direct Response Copywriter

    You paid a large retainer for someone that refers to themselves as “The Billion Dollar Copywriter” to write fresh copy – only to receive back a rearranged version of your old control.

  • Your copywriter told you that they wanted to take a “contrarian approach” with your new headline, and proposed “The ______ HOAX!” (fill in the blank with lutein, fish oil, or whatever is actually being sold). Unfortunately, this was also your headline last year, and is the same as five of your competitors’.
  • You received copy that was fantastic – if you wanted to receive a letter from the FDA, FTC, NAD, or a State Attorney General.
  • You hired a freelancer on Elance or Upwork for $35 – only to have to rework most of the broken English copy.
  • You have time-consuming delays because you had hoped your regulatory consultant or lawyer could review your copy quickly.
  • You contacted a copywriter, only to be told that they are booked up for months – but they’d be happy to pencil you in for a call to discuss the project.

You might think that the universe of dietary supplement direct response copywriters would be huge, but in our experience, we bump into a relatively small group of writers doing work for our clients. It is a bit of a Groundhog Day of sorts when it comes to the copy review we do. The same writers, passing off the same old copy and techniques, putting companies at risk with risky writing, and not consistently delivering converting copy. While we have no interest in entering into the copywriting business, we are pleased to have recently partnered with Reaves “Fletch” Fletcher, to offer our clients copywriting services on a limited basis as his calendar permits.

Fletch is not the average direct response writer. He has a Master of Arts degree in English Language and Literature, has been a writing instructor at two universities, has strong research skills, and specializes in the health field. We have had some very successful projects with him and think he could be your secret weapon for getting your dietary supplements selling on a whole new level.

On a limited basis, we have partnered with Fletch to offer the following:

  • Copy for direct mail, landing pages, website content, product descriptions, catalogs, e-books, lead magnets, labels, blog articles, and more.
  • Copy that converts readers into buyers by using persuasive language, instead of “selling”.
  • Well-researched copy with science translated into writing that readers can easily understand.
  • Want to test a control versus a more regulatory-compliant version? We can provide both versions, showing what changes were made.

Contact us today to get on Reaves Fletcher’s calendar. It would be our pleasure to facilitate the introduction.


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