Copy Test

Thank you for your interest in working with DSE. Below is fictitious copy to review. It contains a handful of compliance violations that we typically see with clients, and we are hoping that you can identify them and make corrective comments. This will help us determine your potential for assisting our clients. Please paste the copy and images into a Word document and make comments and corrections in track changes, or convert the page to a PDF, and make comments using the in-document markup tools. Please provide feedback as if this was for a real client needing your direction for making compliance corrections. To be considered for working with DSE, we will require  the following to be emailed to 1) the copy with your comments and markups, 2) your resume, 3) your required hourly rate (not a range), 4) your availability per month, and 5) disclosure of any conflicts of interest that may prevent you from working with any DSE clients. Submitting all of this information does not guarantee working with us. Submissions with any missing or unclear information will not be considered. Thank you. 

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