Starting a Supplement Company – Part 1: Overview

Start Supplement Company

Recently, a new DSE client called up with a big, but typical consulting request. He was enthusiastic about a new project – ready to begin immediately. However, rather than having needs for just some of the typical items like label review, claims review, ingredient review, etc., the request this time was for everything, or at least virtually everything from product concept to product launch. This would be their first product for their new company.

If all of this weren’t enough, other than having a target market identified, the client also requested that the product concept we come up with be formulated with scientifically-studied ingredients with strong claims, contain at least one new and hot branded ingredient, have an eye-popping product name logo with out-of-the-box thinking design work, and if possible, be delivered in a form (e.g., not standard capsules or powder) rarely or never seen before. A very tall order.

In addition, the client of course wanted everything to be compliant for their new brand. Although he may not have known what exactly that would entail, we had to start thinking about label compliance, claims substantiation and submission to the FDA, sourcing cGMP-compliant manufacturing and conducting an audit, creating SOPs, lining up finished product testing, creating specifications for that, and more.

With a large task list, we began right away. Although many of the tasks were overlapping and varied in time to complete, in this series we will briefly describe how we took on this project, what was required, and what the outcomes were. The client requested that we not reveal too many details of the actual product prior to their launch, but we will be excited to show what we come up with in the end.

The following are some of the tasks we will cover in this series:

  • Determining market needs and desired product claims
  • Ingredient screening
  • Proposing multiple formulations to fit market needs and desired product claims, as well as budget
  • Requesting multiple quotes
  • Selecting a manufacturer and auditing
  • Creating product specifications
  • Logo and compliant label design
  • Structure/function claims drafting, substantiating, and submitting
  • Creating a set of SOPs
  • Creating advertising copy
  • Facilitating finished product testing
  • And likely more

We hope you will enjoy this series of articles. You will get a glimpse into how we assist clients, and maybe find something you can apply to your business.

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